"This collection of stories had a good range of short stories, and I quite liked the collection."-- Wayne G. Morrison, Amazon.com review of Cautionary Fables: Warts & All

"An excellent piece. I applaud you, sir."-- Slamlander, comment on the story An Inheritance of Steel

"Bravo! I like the looks of this one. It stands alone nicely, but looks (especially titled "prelude") to be part of something bigger?
Ofttimes, when one discovers a nice story or piece of writing, it is the only thing worthwhile by that author, and the remainder of their work is far below the originally discovered piece.
Not the case here! I like this even better than the soliloquy.
Of course, I have always been a sucker for fables."
-- Blackbyrd2, comment on the story The Dreaming: A Prelude

Everett Warren's writing covers a number of different forms, from business ad copy, to technical writing, to editorial pieces, to a few novels ~ a couple chapters in on each! His favored form for prose writing is the short story.

Everett's short story The Hollow Man appears in the Solarwyrm Press title Fae Fatales: A Fantasy Noir Anthology. He has a number of pieces of short fiction collected in Cautionary Fables: Warts & All, and a piece on the Odin's Gift website. He is actively pursuing publication of his short stories in anthologies, magazines (online and print), and books. Many of his stories were available on his blog (prior to July 8, 2012), although most of them have been changed to excerpts.

The following table lists all works that have been completed, and shows their availability for first publication or reprinting. Information on works that are in progress will be updated on his public Author's Page on Facebook, as will the latest progress on pieces that are being submitted to various markets. This page will be updated at a slightly slower rate, although once pieces are published there will be a priority update! Click on the heading to view the table.

Fiction Catalog

Title Format Word Count Blog Published Reprint
A Cautionary Fable essay 1,000 full published available
The Deception short story 2,900 excerpt published available
The Doorkeeper short story 2,200   in editing  
The Dreaming: A Prelude short story 700 full published available
The Dreaming: A Transition short story 1,200 excerpt published available
The Dreaming: The First Portal short story 1,300 full published available
The Dreaming: A Dragon's Tale short story 5,300 excerpt published available
The Ecology of the Scope Creep humor 3,400 in four parts on blog available
Empress Awakened short story 1,400   available  
Full Moon Poetry novellette 14,100 excerpt in editing  
Gathering short story 3,100   available  
Ghost Dance short story 5,500 excerpt   available
The Goblin and the Sorcerer short story 3,300 excerpt published available
Goldilocks short story 1,800      
Her Tears Tasted of the River Acheron short story 2,300 excerpt   available
The Hollow Man short story 4,600   published  
I'm Okay prose 400 full on blog available
An Inheritance of Steel short story 4,600 excerpt   available
In Quest of Knowledge short story 3,100 excerpt published available
Love Eternal: A Soliloquy short story 1,200 excerpt published available
Never Ever After short story 3,100 full on blog available
Of the Leaves and of the Waves short story 4,100 excerpt   available
On Artificial Intelligence and Machine Men essay 6,900 in sixteen parts on blog available
On Literary Matters essay 3,100     available
On Troubleshooting technical instruction 3,800     available
Pathogenocide short story 5,300   submitted  
Pieces of Peace short story 1,100 full published available
The Photographer short story 3,100 excerpt   available
Possibilities prose 600 full published available
Purge short story 1,800 excerpt published available
Quietus prose 600   published available
Red short story 700 full on blog available
A Rose for Princess short story 3,800   available  
The Sacrifice short story 2,000 excerpt in editing  
The Sky Galleons of Mediolanum short story 4,400   available  
Spring's Awakening short story 1,200 excerpt published available
The Summoning short story 1,400 excerpt published available
Theories essay 2,100      
They Will Come short story 2,600 full published available
The Thirteenth Apostle short story 1,400 excerpt published available
Trouble and Captain Jack novelette 8,600   submitted  
Visions prose 1,100 full on blog available
Who Am I? autobiography 3,600     available

Read Everett's posts on writing on his blog, and be sure to visit and like his Facebook Page

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