Custom HTML Calculator Sample:
Purge Schedule

This coding example was created to provide a transcriptionist with a guide for purging data on her system for her clients.

Working with multiple clients, she found that each client had a certain amount of time they required her to keep the files... this simple calculator just displays a time stamp for each amount of time and associates that with the client's preferences, allowing her to go through directories and delete files according to those varied preferences.

Having a time and date a certain interval from the current time is a very simple thing for some Javascript to calculate, but it saves a significant amount of time when you're looking over dozens of files.

File Purge Schedule

CompaniesPurge CyclePurge Files On or Before
Company AAfter Confirmation ~
Company BImmediately
Company C1 week
Company D
Company E
Company F
2 weeks
Company G
Company H
30 days
Company I60 days
Company J90 days

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