Everett started writing poetry under the guise of song lyrics. For years, people insisted that his lyrics were "good enough" to be considered poetry. At some point, he relented, sort of, and began calling them "lyric-poems". Eventually, he decided that sounded even more pretentious, and calling them "poems" was just easier.

Everett has written over 600 pieces of poetry. A number of those poems ~ all written on the front porch of his former home, looking out over the wooded landscape, often featuring that landscape or the creatures that visited it, but always having nature as their theme ~ have been collected and published as Poetry from the Porch Period, which is available (on order) from any bookstore, and online at Lulu or Amazon.com. His Norse-themed poem Rain-Thane can be read on Odin's Gift. The Promise was featured on the World of Froud's Froudian Poems and Prose, September 2004, accompanied by Brian Froud's painting of the White Lady of the Faery Well.

And, although some of these poems ~ even the more recent ones ~ show some song structure, every single one of them has a melody line, even if it will never be set to music.

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