Natural News and Mythical Meanderings was the original home of Everett's landscaping business, Green Man Enviroscaping LLC. After shutting down the business, the website remained open for a short time just to inform people of the state of things. And then a few months after shutting down the business, Everett decided to remake as a host for and about the mythical arts, and of news, information, and explorations of nature and related topics:

Still, when the choice came up of renewing the domain, I did, even though I wasn't sure what to do with it. I suppose I figured I'd keep it as a memorial for a year, then let it slip away from me.

But I kind of like the Green Man Envy name. Although a friend had come up with the Green Man name back when I was deciding to name the company, it fit. While I had the company, people would introduce me as "the green man" and I kind of liked that.

The attraction is with the Green Man himself, the myth and the magic and the natural world.


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