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I try to maintain at least somewhat of an active presence at a variety of locales around these great Intarwebs. If you'd like to find out what I'm thinking of or working on at the moment, some of the social networks can help with that. I do tend to secure some content, which means the casual user won't get to see certain juicy details (i.e. boring miscellanea, mostly), but I've been trying to maintain some interesting (i.e. slightly less boring miscellanea, hopefully) material out there in the blogosphere. These venues are also a great place to engage me in discussion about my writing, feed my vanity by telling me how great it is, and that sort of thing. I'd also like to encourage those of you that purchase and/or read my works to review them at the appropriate venue ~ where they were posted or purchased, if those sites allow such things, and on reading sites such as LibraryThing and Goodreads!

~ ~ ~ Social Sorts of Things ~ ~ ~
  LinkedIn my profile on LinkedIn ~ as I am actively seeking employment at this time, this is where I spend most of my online-time!
  The Elysian Fields my blog on LiveJournal, which can be seen in part at the navigation link above (I do try to browse the old friends list here on a mostly regular basis)
  The Elysian Fields the exact same blog on DreamWidth (I'll read comments here, but at this time I tend not to read other posts here)
  Green Man Envy Natural News and Mythical Meanderings ~ currently a blog, with time maybe more of a community
  Facebook Page my public author's page on the book of faces
  Facebook me, on the book of faces; this is my personal space, and as such, many thinks are locked down to "friends-only"
  Behance As I add this, I've just set it up, so there's not much here yet!
  Goodreads keep tabs on what I'm reading (which hasn't been enough, of late!)
  LibraryThing just a fragment of my own collection, but I hope to get more of it cataloged some day!
  Photostream on Flickr some of my photography; I used to maintain a Pro account with oodles of pictures, but it's much more restricted at the moment (quality not quantity, with any luck!)
  MySpace like most everyone else, I used this at one time
  MySpace Music I use this even less; still, some poor recordings of dubious quality and much embarrassment can be found there
~ ~ ~ Stores and Other Sundries ~ ~ ~ Author Page my works that are available on can be found here
  My Author Spotlight get my self-published titles direct, in paperback and e-book formats
  Blurb Store another direct site for some of my self-published works
  The Elysian Fields Gallery - Zazzle if I ever have a clever saying, it may end up on stuff here; for now, some photography and other odds and ends can be found here
  The Elysian Fields Store - some of my favorite books, music, and movies

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