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The short of it...

Everett A Warren is a writer who focuses primarily on short fiction and poetry. He lives in Central Pennsylvania, far from his native New England homelands. He is currently in the process of revamping the website of his former company into a showcase for all things natural and wild, mixing some articles on native plants and natural gardening that were at home when it was a landscaping contracting site with like-minded forms of fiction, poetry, art, and music (you can view the work-in-progress at GreenManEnvy.com). You can read more about him at his website, EverettAWarren.com.

Feel free to use the entirety of the above section as a short bio for publications and promotional purposes ~ that's what I use it for!

And in more detail...

Hi! Welcome to my website!

I have been writing for years... the earliest fiction piece I still (somewhat reluctantly!) admit to writing was dated July 3, 1988, while I have poetry dating back to a year or so before 1985 ~ with December of 1985 being the earliest piece that can be verified at a certain date. Although I submitted one short story and a collection of short stories and poetry back in the early nineties, it wasn't until after I closed my landscaping company down in the Spring of 2012 that I began writing a piece specifically for inclusion in an anthology. Shortly after I made that deadline, I began actively pursuing publication for my existing catalogue and started a few others for specific markets. At this rate, I'll be world famous in no time!

I wholly disagree with the whole jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none thing... I am by no means capable of passable work in all the trades, or even in all my areas of interest. I am, however, pretty damn good at a few things, and that's what all this ~ this site ~ is about. In addition to promoting my writing, it promotes me in other endeavors ~ there are links here that will take you to more information on how I can help apply my very diversified base of knowledge to meet your business needs, specifically in regards to databases, websites, and other programming tasks and in the area of business writing. I can do the work as an independent contractor, or I can provide training to your staff to help them do the work.

When I was a member of a certain writing community in my earlier on-line life, I wrote a document entitled "Who Am I?" ~ a play on a quote in one of my short stories and an homage to Victor Hugo's Jean Valjean as he sings in the musical Les Miserables... in short, an autobiography. Since that time, I've written a few short bios on various places across the web, always promising I'd eventually getting around to posting ~ and updating ~ "Who Am I?" Those bios have been re-written and updated and "Who Am I?" still hasn't appeared... until now.

Who knows, I may even update it once in a while!

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